Exterior cleaning of developments:

In bluestar we know the importance of a good cleaning and maintenance of common areas and community buildings. Therefore we have the best professionals and the most effective products for the place where he lives more enjoyable.

We follow very high standards of quality, and we closely monitor our workers so that it is always in perfect condition all maintenance and cleaning.

In many private developments the sports area consists of many spaces as paddle or tennis, basketball courts, swimming pools and areas with outdoor fitness equipment. All this requires specialized staff and experts outside cleaning cleaning sports areas.

Cleaning of parking garages and basements.

We maintain all kinds of cleaning garages and cellars using the most modern machinery both industrial suction and scrubbing.

We have adequate facilities for the correctalimpieza of these surfaces permanently exposed to wear and tear by the continuous passage of vehicles, etc.

In Bluestar we understand that constant cleaning work is necessary.

Cleaning malls

Cleaning malls.

When we take care of the cleaning of shopping centers we aim to ensure the highest quality customer service.

In Bluestar we have evolved Malls cleaning products using cutting edge technology and equipment that increase the quality and speed of processes.

With these techniques, the facilities remain clean and sanitized longer.

Cleaning commercial signs.

One of the most difficult to clean and the most exposed to the public areas is the sign or poster of a business. It is and unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, the most neglected commercial image (apart from its window).

A dirty label leaves a bad image and a feeling of neglect.

In Bluestar we have experience in cleaning all types of facades, regardless of the material they are made. Also clean signs and awnings at any height, we have the latest technology and machinery to take on any job.

Office cleaning

Office cleaning.

Perhaps you never have thought about it, but in our daily lives we are exposed to many pollutants and offices are no exception: the cumulative action of HVAC and electronic equipment dust is much greater than you think , not to mention the waste that can absorb or carpeted floors, needless to say, the number of different people who can go through the toilets in one day.

A clean office is a must to maintain a proper working environment condition, however, it is often complicated quickly locate professionals to obtain adequate service.

Among the different tasks that involves a full cleaning service is the correct office furniture cleaning, removing dirt and dust from all surfaces. Some elements of particular importance to consider for proper cleaning materials are office furniture. Easier to clean the furniture is manufactured with chipboard covered by melanímicas resins, however, other common areas in offices as upholstered furniture or solid wood need to be cleaned by professionals.

Floor polishing

Floor polishing.

As a result of continuous wear which are already subject to the accumulation of dirt, soils need special care and attention through specific professional treatments.

To preserve and maintain its polished floor like a mirror, without stripes, wear resistant, unblemished, with a high gloss ... should perform periodic maintenance BRIGHTENING, since if it does not, over time, lose SHINE, we got with polished and must start over.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning.

Our highly qualified staff clean any glass surface using the most advanced cleaning techniques. Our utensils, cleaner rackets, enjabonadores, blades and extension bars for work at height shall conform to the dimensions of the crystals on your premises, facilitating optimum cleaning results.

we have the ideal solution for window cleaning solution:

- Offices

- Local

- Buildings

- Malls

- Glass facades

- Curtain Walls

- Solar panels

- Communities

- Areas of difficult access

- Viewpoints

- Individuals, etc.

We use a broad specialized in this type of cleaning such as ladders, poles, lifts and other equipment of last generation that allow us to do their jobs effectively and professional team.

Cleaning inside buildings.

For cleaning of buildings, use appropriate tools and machinery for the work to be done, depending on the areas to be cleaned, the soil type and extent of the building, using specific products for each surface. We take care of cleaning the interior of the building and outdoor areas dependent thereof.

In the building-cleaning services we employ the necessary quality for building sanitation optimal techniques.

Soil treatment

Soil treatment.

For cleaning and treatment of the different soils is necessary to know the source of the stain to remove it, you must also know the type of surface you want to clean. If we have an alkali such as marble flooring and use an acid detergent, it is likely to have succeeded in eliminating dirt but surely will have damaged the pavement.

In Bluestar we have a team of professionals and use products and specific machinery for each soil type, from industrial sweepers and scrubbers through presses, grinding machines etc, thereby ensuring a more effective cleaning of various soils.

Cleaning and treatment of hard floors:

Hard floors are composed of natural stones like marble, granite or terrazzo. So are terracotta floors, cement, concrete, etc.

In Bluestar polishing floors in marble, granite or terrazzo we do it when he has deep scratch marks, stains embedded in the pore, wear gap between the boards, etc.

The polished instead as not remove deep scars, but rather restores the shine off the ground, perform to give a better look to your soil and make it look as bright as day.

For soils of clay, cement and concrete employ other treatments and cleaning. First we apply a good cleaning and then corresponding to the treated surface treatment.

Cleaning and treatment of wet ground:

In this group of soils we found the laminated floors, PVC, rubber, cork, etc. In this type of soils we conducted a first etching to clean the surface thoroughly and remove traces of old wax if any. Then we perform a treatment with special products for each soil type, using a specific methodology.

Stripping Soil

Cleaning by etching the rub get through coupled industrial machines mechanical cleaning and scrubbing of which have special discs. With this system we make the right products and removing traces of dust, grease, gum, etc. adhered to the pavement.

Removing graffiti

Removing graffiti:

The removal of graffiti made by our company perfectly eliminate any dirt and aggression on the facades and its components (metal closures, vinyl, cromadaos ...) without leaving traces of paint or discoloration, and without attacking the surfaces by abrasive methods all with the possibility of subsequent application of anti-graffiti protection.

Using techniques and products suitable for every surface, we get the removal of graffiti sprayed or painted, without damaging the cells. Also according to the materials to be treated, we have anti-graffiti treatment or anti-graffiti protection, facilitating future cleaning, and prevent the support end being damaged.